Face masks are essential beauty tools to have in your skincare routine, but with so many choices, what’s the best facial mask for you?

The effectiveness of beauty facial masks depends on your skin type. Skin types range from normal, dry, oily, sensitive, to combinations of dry and oily.

  • Mud, peel-off, and natural face masks are perfect for normal to all skin types as they can rehydrate skin for a radiant glow.
  • Creams, gels, and sheet masks are great for dry, sensitive skin types as they use aloe vera and cucumber to rehydrate and reduce skin inflammation.
  • Brightening masks with vitamin C, oatmeal, or peanut butter are great for those with dry and uneven skin tone.
  • Charcoal and clay masks are best for oily skin because of their natural ability to absorb oil.
  • Masks with hydrogel, glycolic acid, and moisturizer would be appropriate for those with sensitive skin types.

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