Skincare has been modified millions of times throughout the history of mankind. As we come closer and closer to the perfect skincare routine, there are some products that you just need to have. One of those products is a toner.

What is a toner, though?

A toner is a serum-like liquid that you apply after cleansing your skin before using a serum and moisturizer. It balances the natural pH levels in your skin to make sure that your skin cells are not too acidic or too basic.

There are many different toners out on the market, but toners, just like other skincare products, are not one-size-fits-all. Toners have lots of different ingredients, so watch out for these:

Oily skin:

  • Try out witch hazel or bentonite clay


Dry skin:

  • Various essential oils and hyaluronic acid / glycerin

Combination skin:

  • Lactic acid

Normal skin:

  • Hyaluronic acid / Coenzyme Q10

Mature skin:

  • Vitamin C   
  • Sensitive skin:

    • Glycerin / Polylysine       
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