We believe our experiences shape us. And while that is true, the people we hang out with also define who we become and what kind of path we’ll be walking in the future. This is why it’s important to spend time with people who are good influences.

You’ll want to steer clear of anyone who brings down your mood, encourages bad habits, or just generally doesn’t have anything good going for them. Instead, invest time and energy into those people who will push you to success and happiness — they’re out there somewhere!

Here are some things you should ask yourself next time you’re with someone new to help you decide if they’re really a good fit for your life.

  1. Are they making me happy?
  2. Am I learning new things from them?
  3. Do they have a positive influence on my friends and family?
  4. Are they spreading negativity, or do they add value to others’ lives through their energy and outlook on life? 

Purging negative influences from your life can be difficult—especially if you’ve already formed an attachment. However, sometimes you just have to let go of negative relationships to find yourself again. It can be tough, but put in the time and effort anyway. You’ll be glad that you did!

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