Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel – 4 oz


Gentle, daily chemical exfoliation is beneficial for all skin type. It help relieve the buildup of excess sebum acne prones skin. It is also great for skin that is chronically flacky or dull.

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  • Creates an environment for optimal absorption of skincare products
  • Creates a more even skin color
  • Decreases fine lines and creates a more refined skin texture
  • Aids in the removal of impacted sebum and excess skin cells from pores

Lactic Acid – A gentle alpha hydroxy acid that reduces acne breakouts and signs of aging by exfoliating the top, dead layer of skin (that is, by increasing the rate of cellular turnover). It also hydrates, increases barrier lipid function in skin cells, and brightens skin tone for a more glowy, youthful appearance. The human body produces, and utilizes, this natural acid to maintain its optimal pH balance in the defense of fungus and bacteria. When compared to glycolic or citric acids, lactic shows greatly reduced irritancy while offering pronounced efficacy in exfoliating and skin rejuvenating properties.


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