Tea Tree Acne Spot Treatment


We all have those tricky breakouts from time to time, but they don’t have to last days (or even weeks)! This tea tree spot treatment decreases the appearance of blemishes quickly, without drying out your skin like most acne treatments. It’s a refreshing and rich cream that you apply day and night as needed on targeted areas.

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The facts:

  • Quickly helps to clear acne by killing off bacteria
  • Contains tea tree oil, a natural acne-fighting ingredient
  • Licorice oil, which helps brighten dark spots
  • Green tea extract, which protects the skin from environmental free radicals

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  •  Tea Tree Oil
    • – Reduces the appearance of breakouts and blemishes
    • – Soothes breakout-prone skin
    • – Contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
  •  Licorice Extract
    • – Lightens the appearance of dark spots
    • – Brightens the skin
    • – Improves the look of uneven skin tone
  •  Green Tea Extract
    • – Gentle antioxidant
    • – Helps protect the skin from UV damage and pollution
    • – Improves the appearance of sun-damaged skin


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