Niacinamide & Maracujá Daily Barrier Support Moisturizer


Our bodies do a pretty good job of naturally protecting our skin from free radicals, but in this day and age with tons of pollution around us, your body needs a little kick in the right direction. This daily skin support moisturizer is designed for happier healthier skin. Made with the dynamic duo of barrier strengthening Niacinamide and skin-soothing Maracujá, this moisturizer is excellent for all skin types by soothing, protecting, and hydrating the skin cells.

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The facts:

  • Gives a silky and smooth feeling right after application with no silicones
  • Great for all skin types; lightweight enough for oily skin, moisturizing enough for dry skin
  • Daily use
  • Contains high-quality ingredients to protect and hydrate the skin

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5% Niacinamide: Helps to reduce oiliness and refine pore appearance
1% Maracujá Seed Oil: Promotes the skin healing process by supporting damaged or weakened skin
0.19% Madecassoside: Soothes sensitive skin
1% Murumu Seed Butter: Leaves skin with a soft, silk like finish without the need for silicone


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