Centella & Green Tea Hydrating Gel Cleanser


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This Centella and green tea gel cleanser is suitable for all skin types, oily to dry, and gently removes built-up dirt, sebum, and makeup to prevent and reduce blackheads and other breakouts. This cleanser doesn’t leave you with that stripped and dry feeling… instead, you’ll feel refreshed, plump, and 100% clean skin.

It contains an antioxidant-packed duo of Green Tea and Centella, plus hydrating Glycerin, in a pH balanced (5.5-5.7) formula. Washes away the day, leaving skin feeling refreshed, clean, and makeup-free.

The facts:

  • Antioxidant-packed couple of green tea and Centella
  • Also contains glycerin
  • pH balanced (5.5-7.5) formula
  • Removes makeup and other build-ups that create breakouts

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3% Centella Asiatica Complex: Helps to soothe the skin
5% Green Tea Complex: Helps to calm and reduce redness of the skin.
14.5% Glycerin: Hydrates the skin


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