“In a world where people wear busy like a badge of honour, not being busy can feel awkward”.

Both the industrial and digital revolutions promised increased productivity, meaning people could work less and live more balanced life. We all know that’s not how history has played out.

Even as technology advanced, we work longer hours than ever ironically, struggle financially and accrue more debt with each passing year.

How to slow down for a healthier life.

Do less.

Focus on what ‘s really important, what ‘s need to be done and let go the rest.

Be Present.

Focus on the present, and try to not think about something else, live your moment in the present, and forget about the past and the future.


Shut off new technology whenever you can (before, after work, during holidays…). Be connected every time bring us stress.

Breathe and meditate.

When you are stress, feel overwhelmed, or need to take a moment for yourself.

Take the time to do some breath exercises while meditating, Inhale slowly through the right nostril, then close it with your ring finger. Take moment and then exhale through the left nostril. Repeat this exercise on each nostril 5 to 10 times.