“The Black Dog” is a metaphor for depression from Winston Churchill. People who suffer from depression, work to manage, and live daily with it know this metaphor.

Depression can drain your energy, leaving you feeling empty and fatigued, yet it is a treatable and manageable mental illness. What you must figure out is how to regain control when your black dog breaks loose.

Today’s emotions, or thoughts do not belong to tomorrow …

If you could not get out of bed or accomplish your goals today, remember that there is a tomorrow. Be kind to yourself, some days will be difficult others will be great!

1. First it is important to calm down, breath* and question yourself: What triggered your depression?

Have you been skipping meditation, yoga, sports, therapy appointments? Have you changed your medicine, or could it need adjusting? Are you upset because of work or because of a loved one? Have you been ignoring your usual healthy sleep schedules?

2. What can you do to silence the black dog?

Everybody has a specific situation. If a balanced life full of exercise, healthy meals, more therapy sessions, time spent with loved ones, spent in nature, plenty of sleep helps you keep things under control it is best to get back on that schedule.

3. Approach the black dog

This will not be easy. But if you stick to silencing him and stick to your schedule. The black dog will cower, things will get better, and you ‘ll grow braver.

4. Keep going! Stay strong!

They might be sometimes where the black dog growls weakly, do not worry and keep taking care of yourself, your workouts, connecting with nature, counselling, your time with friends and family and before long, he will be gone, and you will regain control.

5. And Now?

Maybe you ‘ll leave the black dog in a cage, maybe you ‘ll walk along with him with a leash until you completely release him forever.

What to do with the black dog is up to you. But if he is back, you’ll know what to do now…

*Deep breathing exercise to check on our article https://myxoep.com/how-to-slow-down-for-a-healthier-life/

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