Consistent skin care routine can be beneficial and soothing, but it may not last forever. The ingredients in your skincare products become ineffective over time through tachyphylaxis, which means a product loses its efficacy after a certain period of time as your skin adjusts to it so you must switch up your skincare routine for the products to keep working.

Skincare products usually work immediately, but 4-6 weeks regular usage can divulge the full potential results. It is recommended to switch your skincare routine and products every season accordingly.

The following signs indicate when a few changes in skincare routine are due for healthier skin if:

  • Reliable products not giving optimum results
  • Instead of fixing the issues, you’re breaking out
  • Skin is getting too dry or too oily
  • If you see redness, blemishes and discoloration
  • You’re experiencing burning, irritation or sensitivity
  • The sudden appearance of small white and hard bumps of milia

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