Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion and depletion due to excessive and prolonged involvement in demanding situations. It arises when someone feels emotionally tired, frustrated, and unable to satisfy consistent needs. As the stress continues, you tend to lose the interest and motivation to a cause.

Red Flags Signaling Burnout:

You are heading to burnout if you feel:

  • No interest in your work life and domestic life.
  • Your work doesn’t make you feel happy, and you want to quit work or change the role.
  • Being easily tired, irritated, and emotional.
  • Exhausting all the time and experience frequent headaches or illness.
  • Having a troubled sleep.
  • Get zero recognition for your work and contributions.


Burnout often stems from your workplace. A dedicated office employee or a stay-at-home mommy both tend to burnout due to excessive responsibilities; however, other factors also contribute to burnout.

Work-related Causes of Burnout:

  • Biased treatment at work
  • Unmanageable and overdemanding workload
  • Lack of role clarity or monotonous work
  • Lack of communication and support
  • high-pressure working environment
  • Unrealistic time pressure

Personality Traits Causing Burnout:

  • Perfectionistic propensities; nothing is ever sufficient
  • Cynical perspective on yourself and the world
  • Reluctance to delegate to others
  • Kind of High-accomplishing personality

Lifestyle Anomalies Causing Burnout:

  • Lack of proper sleep and diet
  • Excessive workload and responsibilities
  • Absence of close, loving, and supportive relationships
  • Misutilization of downtime in other hectic activities


  • Spend quality time in the company you like to gain energy and mental relaxation.
  • Perform a job analysis to figure out the issues. Address the issues to resolve them.
  • Developing strong and close relations and new friendships help in catharsis.
  • Try staying away from pessimistic and negative people.
  • Indulge yourself in a community or a group with a cause that gives you tranquility.
  • Take a balanced diet and proper (basic math) sleep.
  • Try to rediscover your passion, might be listening to music, reading a book, or a calm walk in nature…

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