Albinism is a genetic disorder that causes a complete or almost complete lack of melanin production in the human body. This manifests itself in the skin, eyes, hair, and nails. It’s not contagious, there’s no cure, and there’s no treatment… it’s just beautiful.

People with albinism are often called albinos. Most albinos are of sub-Saharan African descent, but people of all races can have it. Black people with this disorder often have light eyes, sometimes red or pink looking, and skin resembling that of a white person. Their hair can be extremely blond, usually tinted slightly red.

Albinos often have extreme sensitivity to the sun and may have sight problems, which is why sunscreen and frequent eye doctor appointments are so important.

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People with albinism are gorgeous. We are all different and we should embrace it! If you have albinism, please remenber that ; your skin, hair, and eyes are perfect just the way they are. You are perfect.

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