• 1. Cardio Exercises  

Running stays, the best option followed by swimming and cycling.The harder you work and the higher you get your heart rate, the more fat you will burn.

2. Drinking Water

Drink 1,5L / days.If you find plain water boring, add some lemon slices or berries. 

3. Eating Healthy Food

Protein stimulates and strengthens the production of collagen and elastin, so we advise you to eat daily nuts, lentils, Quinoa, Chickpeas meats, turkey, skimmed milk …

Vegetables and Fruits such as orange, grapefruits, plums are high in antioxidants which is the best way to beat lumpy skin from the inside out!

Oily Fish like salmon, sardines, tuna, and mackerel are known to lower cholesterol. The fats in oily fish help reduce swelling that could make skin cell damage worse. Once per weeks at least.

4. Cellulite Creams

Creams will help the appearance slightly as part of a diet and exercise regime. Below are some of the products we recommend you.

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